Design Well-Being

No Money - No Worries

Design Well-Being is a Well-Being Workshop offered at the Global Well-Being Retreats to support of the transition  away from a culture of mindless consumerism to a community of conscious production and contribution.

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Africans call it "Ubuntu". Christians call it "the New Jerusalem".   Mormons call it "Zion."  In fact, almost every culture has some form of "Zion" that they look forward to when everyone will be safe and warm, fed and clothed, loved and respected.  This belief keeps hope alive when life is difficult.

Design Well-Being is a short ebook describing the need for a new reasoning behind our community design.  If well-being for each individual that lived in a future community was the primary focus, communities would be designed in a completely different layout than they are now.

We can decentralize the power of governments and corporations simply by producing and sustaining ourselves in interdependence, working together for the common good. Not a commune, but a high-tech advanced civilization.  To reach that goal every home and building must be a self sustaining green house that produces more than enough to share.  

If we design and build gated communities around the outskirts of an established town, we can have the benefits of the town yet have the opportunity to design a new community with well-being in mind. The new community would be like any other gated community, only this community meets the needs of all of the community members creating a private economy that operates independent from the town economy and the global economy.

These communities will have no need for money, government well-fare programs, public education or Obamacare. The government will benefit greatly by the implementation of these communities and will have strong reason to support the implementation of this vision.

Once the hub is established, beautiful homes will be built by the community members. With a barn raising mentality, members will design and build the homes and neighborhoods of their dreams.  As more members add their contribution to the community compensation package, an excitement and interest level will be at an all-time high, attracting new members to join and add their gifts, time and talents in exchange for the most comprehensive compensation plan ever offered including community provided homes, free food and clothing, medical, dental, and other expensive services.  With this compensation package, each member will be fully supported to develop their gifts and talents, ideas and innovations, inventions and research.

To support each of the Seven Levels of Well-Being we must design each little community with free facilities that support well-being including the health center, the learning center, the contribution center to name a few.  This will provide a "hub" through which the this new society will function and THRIVE.



Establish a warehouse for community sharing and for storing excess.

Establish utilities, food production, clothing production, etc.  

Establish community income to cover the cost of building your community-provided homes.

2- Health Center


Recruit medical professionals who will add their services the compensation 
package in exchange for living in community-provided homes.


3- Learning Center


Recruit teaching professionals who will add their services to the compensation 
package in exchange for living in community-provided homes.



Empower members to participate in contributionism before they are given a community-provided home.




Post the professional positions that will be awarded community-provided homes and allow members to apply for them.


Establish an event center for gathering the community for fun, entertainment and learning.

Hold educational events for the public to bring in income.


Community members volunteer to design, build and maintain the community centers and dwelling places.