"Survival Mode"


Income Infrastructure
Food production, power generation, clean water, sustainable green buildings, and permaculture community layout.  Businesses that serve the members of the rising Utopian community. Businesses that draw in customers from outside the community.

"Survival Mode"

We believe that the structure of this economy has usurped most of our economic power.  To regain our power we must reach to a higher level of human capacity than ever before in history.  We must pool our assets, contribute our strengths, and think globally instead of independently.  

While we are kept in a state of perpetual "survival mode", treading water to stay financially afloat, we understand that the moment we stop paddling, we will sink.  What if we could change all that?  What if there was a way to gather at Hub-Om to create a new kind of economy that doesn't keep us paddling?  What if we could meet our basic need for food, shelter, clothing, transportation and communication another way?