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Learning Center
Educational programs will teach community members how to create more than they consume, give more than they take, and care about others. Educators will be free to use the classrooms at the Learning Center and those in the community will be free to participate in academic education from pre-school, to elementary, from high school to home school, from community college to a university, from night school to senior classes, members of the community will seek to eradicate illiteracy and inequality due to educational disadvantages.  Science and technology research space will always be available in the Learning Center for those who offer these gifts to the community.

Turn Off the TV



We collected youtube videos that support the seven headings of the Human Energy Scale.


The current education system offers generic "education" or "higher education" that leads to a "job" or a "career."  But when you take into consideration all seven pillars of well-being, this system leaves out the fact that the human soul is more than a mind that carries out a set of tasks, but is a piece of the Utopian puzzle with gifts and ideas unique to them.  We must learn to combine our jobs, our careers, our gifts and our purpose into one opportunity to serve humanity.  

not generic education.  

We have collected videos from youtube that demonstrate an emerging leadership of self-motivated, self-authorized people from all walks of life converging upon the same Utopian conclusions at the same time. They no longer want to be a "cog in the wheel" of a monstrous economic machine that flattens mankind like a steam roller. They instead want to rise up to become what they were put on this earth to be and help create an economic system that thrives on human greatness instead of human suffering.  Not the “New World Order” but a Utopian Society that nurtures the highest human energy possible.


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