Neighborhoods and Common Areas
Homes will be designed to promote connection through the use of common areas.  Common areas will be designated to each neighborhood that will offer a lifestyle improvement to the community, starting with this list of seven components of well-being and branching out from there.


Offer Well-Being is a workshop offered at the Global Well-Being Quarterly Retreats to help families find their niche within the community contribution system.

The family is the building block of any community.  We see the destruction of this firm foundation as 3 out of 4 families separate and divorce.

Working together as a family to develop inventions, ideas and enterprises will bring in the necessary unity to each family as well as the necessary income to keep the community “cash flowing” with today’s currency.

To operate at a high level of cooperation and sharing, we must first build the community from the inside out.  We start by making a commitment to reach for the highest energy possible.

As we each develop our highest and best version of ourselves, the community is the best possible environment as well.

Divorce prevention is the most important program a family can participate in while building and maintaining a utopian society.  




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