Storehouse/Treasury is the most important aspect of an environment of well-being.  The storehouse is a huge warehouse to store anything contributed from each community member's surplus.  The treasury is a credit union formed and managed by the community members with their pooled assets.  Creating a storehouse for all surplus to be distributed as anyone has need creates a new paradigm shift towards caring and sharing.  When two or more agree... it is a very powerful force of intention to manifest what might seem like the impossible.  When two or more align their assets there is nothing that is impossible to them.  This is a spiritual process as well as an economic truth.


Energy Concerts - Share the vision in your local area!

Event Facilities and Production
Artists, musicians, dancers, singers, speakers, actors and producers are free to use the Festival Studios and Facilities to educate, motivate and inspire those in the community as well as reach out to those outside the community. These gifts will attract wealthy individuals from the entertainment industry to live within a Hub-Om Community. These artists will help to develop a constant income stream to provide "abundance for all" through radio, television, music and film projects.


Local Events - Share the Vision!

Share the message of hope with the world through entertaining and enlightening events inside and outside the community.

Once communities are built, public events and festivals will draw walk-through traffic to our shops and markets and will utilize the gifts and talents of those in the community to their fullest, creating a need for talent as part of the overall economic success of the community.

Today, the entertainment industry creates billions of dollars for a very few rather than dispersing that wealth for the greater good.  Artists are often seen as a means to make money and therefore are asked to do whatever generates the most money, rather than seen as a great influence on the world and on society and therefore asked to do what will have the greatest and most positive impact on an entire generation.  We believe that arts and artists must be given a place in society that provides a platform for their gifts and talents that supports their craft while uplifting and shifting the world view to the highest possible vision.


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