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- As beacons of light, we form utopian communities that will lead the world towards world peace, a restored earth and abundance for all. By gathering all of the conscious people into one online "hub" and making each one aware of the other's efforts, we believe that a utopian society is within our reach.  

By gathering in groups in our local community we begin forming the grass roots of an intentional community.  Individuals who participate in these Human Energy Leadership Projects are the emerging leadership of an emerging utopian society that has the ability to generate the resources needed to restore the earth and see to it that there is abundance for all.

The first systemic change in society must be the decentralization of power.  By building Hub-Om Communities off the grid, without debt and self-sustaining, we are no longer dependent upon "the powers that be." This is the most frightening thing we could do in the eyes of those who seek to oppress.  

Like the pioneers, the pilgrims and the explorers before us, our generation must travel where no man has gone before.  Not into space, but discovering the final frontier of human development and capacity.  Can we as a people care more about the needs of others?  Can we meet the needs of a global society equally without the disparity we see today?  Who made this society?  Why is it so dysfunctional?  What can we do as a conscious utopian society to face the challenges of our generation head on?

Science is beginning to understand that we are all ONE.  We are affected as a whole living organism.  This means that our choices impact others negatively or positively depending upon what we do, what we think and how we live our lives. If we are all one, what happens to our own energy levels when millions of people around the globe are without basic health requirements? 

What this means is that each one on earth will feel the lift to a higher frequency when poverty and disease is eradicated.  Until that day, we will suffer the weight of mankind whether we realize it or not.

We are finally living at a time in history when an end to poverty and disease can be achieved easily and efficiently if we make it a global goal.

Like water filling and overflowing a vessel and then flowing out to the lowest point, we will fill to overflowing.

We will build a utopian society online first, gather assets and expertise, build Hub-Om Communities around the world.  See to it that health professionals have no concern for their own needs or the needs of their own families. Then watch them pour their healing gifts and arts out onto a thirsty, hungry, needy world.



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