About Us

•Our Mission: Building Utopia from the ground up and the inside out.

Self-sustaining, gated, utopian, communities interconnected by a new economy, new health programs and new spiritual education, built by its members through contributed man power and contributed materials on contributed land to CO-CREATE UTOPIA:
“an all-expense-paid life with equality and abundance for all.”

•Our Purpose: Shift the energy of the world.

To permanently transform the world environment from negative to positive by providing millions of people around the world with opportunities to live at their highest energy level, through the enthusiastic inward preparation and the intelligent methodical outward preparation to build and relocate to many small, self-sustaining, gated, utopian, communities interconnected by our own economy, health programs and spiritual education.

•Our Vision: Eradicate poverty and inequality.

The eradication of poverty and inequality through the “Co-creation of Utopia from the inside out and the ground up … built by its members through contributed man power and contributed resources exchanged for land and home ownership plus benefits.

•Our Statement of Faith:

-We have been taught that utopia is a fantasy, but it turns out that utopia is the only logical choice.
-We have been taught that nothing in life is free, but now we see that everything can be free when we live in cooperation.
-We have been taught that only those who can make money are worthy of money, but we now see that every man, woman and child is worthy of the abundance of the earth and those that have it must share it if they ever hope to solve poverty and inequality.
-We have been taught to “teach a man to fish” rather than give him a fish, but Jesus said if we love God we will feed his children.
-We have been taught that “the one with the most toys wins” but read in scripture that the only time there was true happiness is when Gods people had all things in common.
-We have been taught to honor the “survivor” who builds his empire on the ruin of others, but true honor belongs to those who help others survive… more than survive… to thrive in all three dimensions: body, mind and spirit.

•Our Suggested Personal Motto:

“I want to do more than help people survive, I want to see them thrive.”

•Our Commitment to Each Other:

We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.

•Our Program: The ABCs

These steps create a model for a utopian society that we call an “ABC Development.” Each letter represents a mission that, when supported and empowered creates an important aspect of the ABC Develoment Utopian lifestyle. Each letter also represents a part time job or a full time Life Purpose Career in an all-expense-paid life in an ABC Development.

•Our Plan:

-Utilize established lines of communication throughout the world to share and implement the ABCs including public and private schools, gyms, churches, spiritual centers and non-profit organizations.

-Initiate many lines of income sources to funnel into the building of ABC Developments and the creation of a Perpetual Relocation Fund to assist those who require funds to assist with the move to an ABC Development.

•Our Slogan:

“Building Utopia from the ground up and the inside out.”

•Our Mantra:

I am Utopia.

•Our Invitation:

Utopia begins with “U”

•Our Logo

3D Man croppedThe symbol we award to goods, services, programs or philosophies that “protect, promote and commit to the health and well-being of body, mind and spirit” with a seal that is simple and recognizable. Like the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

To apply for the Seal of Approval, email Unite@IAmUtopia.com.


Asset Based

Gather gifted leaders who understand that every individual is an ASSET to be received with thankfulness and is worthy of the time it takes to patiently unlock the resources of human potential inside.


A blend of “Zion” and “Zen” that seeks to eradicate global suffering.

•ABC Developments:

A collective group of conscious people who love one another, live together, pool their ASSETS, contribute to the BENEFITS package, COLLABORATE to design and build a community, DIRECTION to care for the environment, plans for organic food production, and the health and well-being of every man woman and child, creating empowered EMPLOYMENT that generates income in surplus for the whole community, planning frequent FESTIVALS to inspire and motivate huge support for ABC Developments to reach the tipping point of having more than enough to share with the poor, the disabled, the oppressed and others who require assistance to reach their highest energy level through gifted group GOVERNANCE for the greatest global good.





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