Come Out of the City


Plug your gifts in.

Light up utopia.

Have you been thinking about living off the grid? You are not alone. Thousands of visionaries like you are dreaming and designing their own version of utopia.

What’s your version of utopia? Are you ready to dream? Remember… dreams create action.

Are you willing to let go of “the known” to embrace “the unknown”?

aa3In which stage of spiritual development are you? Are you still in your cocoon?

Or are you feeling cramped like you are about to bust out?

Maybe you have come out, but are still hanging onto the cocoon…

Are you ready to fly, but have no where to go?

When you are ready… you are free to fly.

You have the opportunity to embark on a journey with us…

We are going to see a mass “exodus” out of the cities and into small communities all over the world.

It will be neat, quiet and orderly.

Like the migration of monarch butterflies. …

Most people will never even notice the change…

Comment below to contribute your thoughts about a true utopian society.  What does it mean to you?