The Hub-Om Community Plan


Imagine a community model...  about a mile square....

  • A gated community
  • a humanitarian co-op
  • with sustainable free energy
  • solar power
  • wind power
  • water harvested from the air
  • hydroponics and permaculture
  • organic agriculture providing our nutritional needs
  • compressed dirt brick construction or other wise uses of natural resources found on the land itself.
  • a blend of old and new... with cutting edge science and technology in a new kind of community that produces its own needs from mother earth.


Imagine a gated community with...

neighborhoods made up of 1-acre parcels...

wrapped around common areas for... 

  • an orchard
  • grape vines
  • honey bees
  • vegetable gardens
  • a fish pond and
  • an old fashioned barn
  • with stalls
  • for milking the cows
  • shaving the sheep
  • or saddling the horses
  • a ranch
  • with pasture


A modern area with... 

  • stores and restaurants
  • schools
  • an event center
  • a spiritual center
  • a sports complex
  • an eco-skyscraper



Seven building projects are included to support each component of well-being.


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