Estimating the Population

If you apply to be a “land owner” you will be have stewardship over a one-acre parcel.  An acre is enough land to become self-sustaining with gardens, fruit and nut trees, animals and more. While land owners work to fulfill their contracts they will also have opportunity to work their own land.  With 640 acres in a one-mile square community, approximately 400 parcels will be designated for land owners.

We can compute the approximate population of the city by multiplying the 400 parcels by two, assuming it will be owned by a married couple, bringing the population to 800 adults. We can then project two or more children in each household to be about 800 children or more. Add to that number the 200 retired couples who buy in with cash, that total comes to 1200 adults. Will these 500 families be enough to create sustainability? Will there be enough of each trade and expertise to do meet the needs of the community members? With careful planning can it be done?

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