Start by contributing your monthly dues to the Perpetual Income Fund.

Or make a one-time contribution of your choice.

Donations and Contributions

Many of you will see that $4.95 is a very small amount and you might like to do much more. You are free to do that, knowing that your contribution would make it’s way up the torus and be distributed back out equally. If you don’t want any return on your contribution, then don’t sign up for the $4.95 monthly dues. Just make a contribution

The purpose of our general monthly dues is to create a perpetual motion money machine for everyone in the world. The funds will be deposited in an account that is monitored and accounted for by its voting members. We can all look forward to the day when everyone will have their personal account with an automatic withdrawal of $4.95 and a direct deposit of an equal share of the total profits. A flow of funds will go out and back in.

Voting Members

Everyone who plugs into the ABCs and pays their monthly dues becomes a co-creator and co-founder of utopia with the right to attend planning meetings and vote on important issues that affect all of us.

The sign up fee is $4.95 a month in order to make it within the reach of anyone who has a desire to join. If $4.95 is too much for someone who has a strong desire to join, we believe that $4.95 is low enough for a friend to offer to pay the monthly dues for them. We call paying a friend or loved one’s monthly dues “tucking them in”.

The profit sharing benefits of being a member will become apparent as we go along, finding little surprise deposits in your account each month. Those who make donations will be a voting member. The computer will simply take in the donations and distribute the funds equally like only a computer program is capable of doing. No fees or interest like the banking system. Just equal distribution of perpetual motion money machine. Imagine the payout to be something like a torus with a constant stream of funds flowing up to the top and back out.


Fund Your Projects

Many people will be signing up hoping to fund their own projects, inventions, product development, artwork, films, community building, etc. The funds paid in will go right back out to these entrepreneurs as well. Their products will create a Perpetual Pipeline of Production starting with new and innovative ideas and working in cooperation to get them to market. The Profits will go up to the top and distribute back out equally.

The HarMoney Market Centers will give great exposure for those with inventions, products, music, books, classes, webinars, etc. to sell to everyone in the company, so marketing will happen naturally without much need for advertising budget. This exposure will also help to join projects with sponsors who will assist from within the company. When you buy items from the store, you contribute to the flow of profit-sharing that will be distributed to all equally. Those who are plugged into the ABCs will receive the discounts that only members will receive, but that will be up to the individual who is listing their product for sale.


A.M. through P.M.

Abundance Marketing through Perpetual Motion.


Is this an MLM?

We fully expect you to get people to sign up with all the word-of-mouth marketing power of the MLM direct sales model, but we are not an MLM, (multi-level marketing)

We are an ELM – Equal-level marketing and an MDM – Multi-Dimensional Marketing. Feel free to sign your friends up, but they will not become your “downline.” They will plug in directly to the Motherboard and receive the same payout as everyone else. For this reason, we believe that many of you will “tuck in” friends and loved ones whom you know are struggling financially, just to give them that little extra income that can mean so much.


Each Team

-sends out its own newsletter,

-manages its own budget

-and conducts its own votes.

Join one or support them all!

Motivated people will plug into one of the teams, A through G, and start making a difference right away. Each project will be managed by its own members. If you have a desire to be involved in more than one team you are welcome to. Teams are color-coded and assigned to each day of the week. Planning meetings for each team will never overlap.

Each team handles its own budget. To become a voting member of one or more of the seven teams, simply pay the monthly dues or make a donation to each project. At $4.95 for each project, you can support them all for $35 a month and attend all seven planning meetings to participate in the votes.

Team A – $4.95

Team B – $4.95

Team C – $4.95

Team D – $4.95

Team E – $4.95

Team F – $4.95

Team G – $4.95

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