Undergo the Selection Process

Together we will select families to join the community who have specific skills, expertise, tools, equipment, land, funds or other benefits they may bring to the community.

Job descriptions will be posted on the MOTHERBOARD and each job can be applied for as you would any other job.  However there will be many more requirements that help to make the selections for us.

As always there will be an excess of applicants because so many would love to be part of “an all-expense paid utopian society.”  The weeding out process will be the buffer between being mobbed and being thoughtfully supported.

The highly qualified applicants who make it through the weeding out process will be placed on a waiting list.

The Quality of the Offering: a resume, a proposal, donation of land, materials, cash, buildings, etc.

Families will be chosen based upon these criteria:


Wealth alone is not a great enough criteria for participation in an ABCommunity. There will be many who can afford to buy a lot and build a home in any community they choose.  However, if they choose an ABCommunity with wealth as their offering, they must have the drive and commitment to see to it that all businesses in the community succeed. They must “trade in” their capitalism and the desire for win/lose business scenarios for a higher goal of total eradication of poverty and inequality. All members of the community must renounce self-centered, “dog-eat-dog” business practices and replace them with humanitarian cooperation. Quality relationships must be fostered and the happiness of all must be above all.

How many wealthy investors would we need to buy into the community in order to have enough capital to fund the purchase of expenses associated with the building of the entire city? If the labor is generously offered by those who are unemployed, under employed or homeless, that part of the equation is eliminated. If the land, a square mile, which is 640 square acres, is donated, that part of the equation is eliminated. If much of the materials is taken from the land itself, using compressed dirt to form walls and bricks, that part of the equation is diminished greatly. What’s left?


The relevance of the offering to community goal fulfillment.
Expertise alone is not great enough criteria if that expertise comes in a package that violates of principles of equanomics. Experts from around the world will be offered the opportunity to try their ideas in exchange for a home in the community. Well-researched methods of sustainability for refuse conversion, solar power, water-gas home generators, green house gardening, self-sustaining homes, and all cutting edge technology will be recruited.

3) NEED (unemployed, under employed, homeless)

Need alone is not a great enough criteria to be chosen to participate in this experimental community plan. There will be many who are needy and in need of housing.  We must be careful to make realistic calculations as to how many the community can carry of those who are homeless, elderly, disabled veterans or others who are in need of charity, who are without an enterprise to assist in the sustainability of the community.  This number can grow over time as we develop income for this purpose and stablize our community economy with free, off the grid utilities, food produced from the land, donated building materials and harmonious sustainable relationships within the community that work toward this goal in the spirit of cooperation.


Willingness to complete the preparation course. (the weeding out process) Community Goal Fulfillment is not great enough criteria when meeting the goals requires compromising our integrity or our mission to create utopia. If an individual is unwilling to complete the preparation course, they will not be considered, no matter what they bring to the table.

Those who prefer to wait may find their opportunity in a different kind of organization that doesn’t require as much honor or integrity, such as the New World Order.


First come, first serve.  Those who choose to wait and see how ABCommunity progresses before getting involved may miss the opportunity to fill the position that they might have been able to fill.  “Wait and see” kind of people will not have the where-with-all to make a utopian community grow and prosper.  Those that are mentally and spiritually prepared to take this opportunity are very special people who are in tune with the changing world.


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